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Carers’ days

Caring for a sick loved one is often a full time job; time out is important for patients and carers alike.


Once a month, all three hospices hold Carers’ Days, offering much-needed support and reassurance to those caring for patients.

The days are mutually supportive and give carers the opportunity to share their experiences with talks given by hospice professionals to help carers cope more easily in their role. Social workers, chaplains and counsellors are also available to offer support if required.

Carers may also enjoy a range of activities and treatments: for example, complementary therapists are available to give relaxing massages.

Lunch is an important end to the day and is enjoyed in the company of other carers and the hospice team. All days are free of charge to attend.

We have to turn the corner of seeing hospices as simply a place to die – there is a huge range of services on offer.

Sharon Elliott, carer

Next steps

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