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Complementary therapy

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Complementary therapies are very much part of the overall care given in hospices throughout the country.

Pilgrims Hospices offers a wide range of the most effective complementary therapies available.

All therapies given in the hospice are truly holistic, helping to ease physical pain, anxiety, and spiritual distress.

Therapies are given free of charge as part of the medical care at Pilgrims Hospices and are offered to all patients, whether they are in one of the hospices or at home.

A course of treatment is also available for carers and family members if thought beneficial. Referral and access is exactly the same as for patients.

Next steps

Contact us to find out more about complementary therapies at Pilgrims Hospices on 01227 459700 or our 24 hour care navigation centre on 01233 504133.


Go to the National Association of Complementary Therapist in Hospice and Palliative Care website.


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