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How can hospices support young people?


One common misconception of hospice care is that is is only for older people – in fact hospices care for anyone over the age of 18 and also offer support to families and carers of any age.

Younger patients are welcome to attend any of the family services offered. They may find they do not wish to attend ‘traditional’ day hospice days but may like to come along to one of our outreach services or come in for a cup of tea and a chat on one of our drop in mornings. This might be just to talk or get advice and guidance.

A range of social activities

The Time to Create arts and crafts group is always popular with patients of all ages – at Pilgrims Hospices Canterbury for example the age range is currently from 24 to 94!

Time to Create is popular with patients from 24-94!

We also have groups to help people manage with specific symptoms such as breathlessness, fatigue and anxiety and each site has a gym where our physiotherapists can help tailor a gentle exercise program to help maintain strength and stamina.

Young patients might find they wish to see hospice professionals on a one to one basis and this can also be arranged.

Practical day to day help

Young carers and family members can access support through the different members of our team. The social workers can help with financial issues and carer support; they are also able to liaise with schools if a young person is having difficulty balancing school work with what’s happening at home.

Our counsellors are trained to see children and young people. Groups such as caring with confidence and our carers days are open to carers of all ages. Carers are also welcome to drop in mornings and our outreach services for advice or a chance to talk and be supported.

Learn more

In this short video Sarah Brinicombe talks about the care and support she and her family received from Pilgrims Hospices when her Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Sarah is a young producer for the BBC and her experiences at the hospice led her to make a film for BBC’s Inside Out programme on hospice care.

Read more about Sarah’s story in our blog spot.

Find out how your school or youth group can support Pilgrims Hospices here.



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