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In Memory fundraising by schools and youth groupsdovercollege4

Some organisations make a donation to Pilgrims Hospices if they’ve lost a pupil, special member of staff, volunteer or youth group leader to an incurable illness. We’re always sad to hear about the circumstances in which a donation has been made, but we are still grateful they have been remembered in this way.

Despite the loss of such special staff, leaders and volunteers, many youngsters manage to channel their efforts into some amazing fundraising events for the charity. We are always blown away by the amount of dedication that goes into an in memory fundraising event.

Developing a youngster’s understanding

Every now and then, we find ourselves speaking to people in the educational and voluntary sector who have recently found out that they have an incurable illness themselves.

Our local Community Fundraising Officers are available to do a talk about Pilgrims Hospices if you feel that it’s important to develop a greater awareness in your children about how we support patients, family and friends whilst in our care and continue to help those who have been bereaved.

We are here in whichever capacity you might need our support. Just let us know how we can best help you.

Our pupil Gabriella Hood (8 years) spoke so movingly about how Pilgrims supported when her father was ill. Now we are supporting Pilgrims to give children like Gabriella faith in the future.

Next steps

To get support for an In Memory fundraising event, please contact your Regional Fundraising Office to find out more.



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