To keep delivering our quality care, repairs to equipment and replacements need to be seamlessly organised.

What is the Bedside Fund?

Wherever patients choose to rest and relax, we need to support them with the right environment, furniture and vital equipment. Whether at their bedside, in our lounges or in our gardens - we need to ensure their comfort, wherever they choose to spend their time.

Medical specialist equipment is expensive; our replacement programme this year is due to cost us £67,400.

Donating to the Bedside Fund will benefit our patients in the community too, where we also ensure care and comfort through our nurses and the specialist equipment we provide.

How can I help?

We are often approached by families and friends wishing to give a 'tangible gift' to us. We work with them to ensure that their donation contributes to, or purchases, an item that we really need.

Here is a shorter version of our Wish List showing some of the items that we currently need:

Wish list

  • 3 x Mattress Pumps £695 each, for our Inpatient Units at Ashford, Canterbury and Thanet
    The pump sits on the end of our patient's bed, extracting and pumping air into our fabulous mattresses. Hundreds of adjacent cells in the mattress are either inflated or deflated over a 10 minute cycle, ensuring that no area of the body is in constant contact with the mattress. This stops our patients developing pressure ulcers and creates an incredibly gentle but supportive mattress.
  • 3 x High Backed Chairs £298.40 each, for our Therapeutic Centre Consultancy Rooms at Ashford. These chairs have been chosen by our Occupational Therapy team to ensure that they are easy to sit in and get out of.
  • 9 x Hi-Lo Bed Frames £2,500 each. We require 3 bed frames for each site. These can be adjusted to floor level for our patients who are at high risk of falls.

If you'd like to know more about the Bedside Fund, our wish list or if you have any questions, please email

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