Pilgrims Wellbeing Programme is free if you live in east Kent and you have been diagnosed with an incurable illness. It aims to enhance your wellbeing – in mind and body.

A whole team of Pilgrims expert nurses, doctors and therapists will work together to craft a personalised plan for you. We work alongside your GP or healthcare professional to help you identify the best options for you. All our programmes are flexible to allow you the right support when you need it most.

Services are also available for carers – be they friends or family – to support them too with self-care.

If you talk to us sooner we can do so much more.

Download a guide to Pilgrims Therapy Centres

About Pilgrims Therapy Centres

Our Wellbeing Programme is run from the three Pilgrims Therapy Centres in Ashford, Canterbury and Margate.

To get a referral

The first step is to talk to your GP or Healthcare Professional about whether you would benefit from a referral to Pilgrims Therapy Centres Wellbeing Programme.

Contact us

You can email our team with any questions at wellbeing.enquiries@pilgrimshospices.org or call the Pilgrims Hospices Advice Line on 01233 504 133.

Frequently Asked Questions

This service is for people who are in the later stages of a life limiting / incurable illness, and their carers. Your GP or healthcare professional will then be able to advise as to whether you are at the appropriate stage to access the service.

At Pilgrims Therapy Centres located at our three main hospice buildings in Canterbury, Ashford and Thanet. The programmes are also available through our Outreach Centre in Dover.

Most patients and carers arrange their own transport wherever possible. If you do not have access to transport please ask, we have a small team of volunteer drivers who may be able to help. Please discuss this with us as soon as possible, especially if you have difficulty getting in and out of a car.

Yes there is free parking at each site. However at certain times the car parks can be very busy.

Accessible parking is available alongside each of the main hospice buildings. Guide dog and assistance dog owners are welcomed. Each site also has facilities and full access for people with a disability.

We work very closely with other local carers organisations, such as Crossroads Care and Carers Support, who may be able to arrange specific support for you. We will be happy to help you make these arrangements, which will need to be planned in advance.

Each hospice has a small cafe area where you can buy a selection of light refreshments. Hot and cold drinks are always available free of charge.

You will need to bring in all your own medication that you normally take during the day. This includes any additional ‘top up’ medications for nausea or pain that you may sometimes need to take in addition to your normal medications. They remain your property and responsibility while you are with us. We cannot supply any medication to attendees at our programmes.

Pilgrims Therapy Centres are smoke-free with the exception of a smoking space on each of the sites which you can use if considered medically fit to smoke alone.

Free Wifi is available at all of our centres.

All of our services are provided to patients and carers free of charge. As an independent charity, we are largely dependent on the generosity of the local community to fund our services.

We understand that how you feel may be different day to day. When you are referred to a particular Pilgrims group or programme you will have the opportunity to come for a certain number of sessions, many of which take place weekly. If you miss a week, or a session, you can simply join us next time until you have completed the programme. If you feel unwell before you attend please remain at home and contact your GP or other healthcare professional if needed. If you feel unwell while you are attending, please talk to a member of the Pilgrims team.

No. Anyone in the later stages of an incurable /life limiting illness can be referred.

Before starting your programme at the Pilgrims Therapy Centre you will be contacted by one of the team for an initial assessment. This may be by phone, or you may be invited in for an appointment. This will give you a chance to ask any questions you or your carers/family may have.

You may hear your GP or Healthcare Professional, or one of the Pilgrims team talk about ‘palliative care’.

This is referring to the type of care offered at Pilgrims to people who are in the later stage of a life limiting illness.

The goal for this care is to offer the best quality of life possible for people and their families.

To do this we work with people to manage pain and other symptoms. We also provide support to make sure the person’s psychological, social and spiritual needs are met.

An important part of offering palliative care is to support people to live as actively as possible earlier in the course of a person’s illness to use alongside with other treatments. It also means helping their family cope. At the end of someone’s life, palliative care can help people to die with dignity and help their family and friends in bereavement.

We sometimes refer to this type of care as ‘holistic’ too because it looks at supporting the whole person, not just their physical needs.