<b>Philip Bradshaw</b> <br><h4>Trustee</h4></br>

Philip Bradshaw


Philip has previously held senior management posts, including Assistant Director of Social Services and Head of Social Work Department at St Thomas’ Hospital, and has acted as a management consultant both independently and in conjunction with a team in PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Philip’s key skills and expertise include:

  • having an analytical approach to the development of strategy and to the challenges of delivering operational management;
  • possessing the ability to work constructively with colleagues and within a team environment;
  • a sound understanding of financial issues;
  • familiarity with regulatory regimes and governance issues; and
  • extensive experience of HR issues, including staff development.

In addition, Philip is currently a treasurer for a local church and serves as a member of a regional committee of Kent healthcare provider, Benenden.