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Clinical audits

Pilgrims Hospices has a well-established Clinical Audit department to assist with maintaining the quality of our services. Pilgrims monitors quality of service through Integrated Governance at each hospice.

Clinical Audit is a method used to measure the practice of our multi-professional team against standards of care. We can use the audits to find out if we meet the standards for maintaining control of infection, for example, or standards of referral for admission. Over the last five years we have completed 82 audits of various subjects. This has provided evidence that we offer our patients a high standard of care and has also provided information that has enabled us to develop and improve our services. One of those services is the provision of care to non-cancer patients. Another series of audits has been helpful towards our bereavement services.

The Department of Health Care Quality Commission requires us to comply with Essential Standards. One of the ways we can ensure we measure up to these standards is by running an annual Patient Survey. The survey we use has been developed across the UK for hospices in association with Help the Hospices and we were a contributor to its development. All the surveys from hospices nationally are analysed and reported by an independent institution, the Centre for Health Service Studies at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Reports are available from our Audit Facilitator.

Pilgrims is also a contributor to the National Audit Tools Group, again sponsored by Help the Hospices. This was established to identify key topics and to develop audit “tools” that are accessible for all hospices in the UK to use. Details are available on the Help the Hospices website.

If you would like further information on how we use audit to enhance the quality of care we aim to provide, details can be obtained from:

Further information from:

Genevieve McCourt
Clinical Audit Facilitator
Pilgrims Hospices
Hythe Road
TN24 0NE

Tel: 01233 504117
Fax: 01233 504132


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