At Pilgrims we are aware that fatigue can be a challenging symptom for people with cancer. We offer fatigue management groups for anyone who is referred to our services.

However we are aware that there are lots of people who aren’t in their last year of life,  who would benefit from learning more about how they can manage their fatigue and gain back some sense of control.

As a joint pilot project with the Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance we are offering a two hour zoom workshop on managing your fatigue. We will talk through possible causes, getting to know your fatigue and look at different strategies for you to try.

This pilot project is open to anyone who has a cancer which is stage 4 (if you are unsure of the stage of your cancer, please talk to your health care professional) You do not have to be under a hospice and you can be from any part of Kent and Medway.

We welcome you to have someone with you during the workshop as it’s important those close to you can understand fatigue and how it is affecting you too.

For patients: Please ask your oncologist / chemo nurse / cancer nurse specialist to complete the referral form. Once we have received the form we will be in contact to book you into a workshop that is convenient for you.

For professionals: Please click on this link to download the referral form and once completed email to

Workshops will initially be running between October 2023 and July 2024.