We care about your care.

I Want Great Care (IWGC) is the world’s leading independent platform for measuring patient experience and outcomes, with over 5.8 million healthcare reviews across 28 countries worldwide.

Founded in 2008 to support healthcare by increasing clarity and empowering patients to review the care they receive, Pilgrims Hospices has been using IWGC to collect service users' feedback for many years and has over 6,000 reviews online.

We now have over 6,200 'I Want Great Care' reviews for our three hospices.

In 2023, Pilgrims received
reviews for many of our different teams, including our Hospice at Home team, wellbeing teams, community counsellors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, as well as our ward reviews.
From these reviews,
had a positive experience with us. With an average score of
out of 5 stars for all questions asked.

Some really special I Want Great Care reviews have been left for us.

Today, IWGC has been serving the hospice sector for over 10 years. Their very first hospice client implemented patient feedback to understand the needs of families and carers affected by the terminal illness of a loved one.

As Pilgrims staff are such an important part of what a hospice stands for, it’s equally important to ensure they are getting the recognition and support they deserve. Through the insight and feedback the IWGC service provides, staff can view feedback in real time, making them feel valued and appreciated. It also supports the lifting of morale and gives staff a sense of pride even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Pilgrims' IWGC reviews show that our reviewers trust us, they would recommend us to others and they consistently have positive experience with us.

We are very proud to know our service users feel empowered and confident to share their experiences which help to ensure there are choices and controls in place within healthcare provision.