If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your donations can increase by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme.

For every £1 you donate we can claim an extra 25p.

Donations make up a huge proportion our annual income – we simply couldn’t be there for the families that need us without you.

Your donations can make an even bigger impact if you join the Gift Aid scheme. If you Gift Aid your donation you will add an extra 25% more to Pilgrims Hospices at no extra cost to you!

Did you know?

In 2023-2024, we received over £173,984 in Gift Aid from cash donations. That's enough to provide round-the-clock care from our specialist palliative nurses over nine months at our inpatient units in Canterbury, Thanet and Ashford.

Join the Gift Aid Scheme

As long as you have paid the equivalent amount in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax within the same financial year, you are eligible to add Gift Aid to all of your donations.

Simply complete our Gift Aid Declaration form by clicking below to instruct us to claim Gift Aid on your donations through the scheme.

Or you can download a paper copy of our Gift Aid Declaration form and send it to us.


Q. Is it really as simple as ticking a box?

A. Yes! Just tick the box to confirm that you are a tax payer and leave the rest to us. We make a claim to HMRC for any tax that has already been deducted from your donations and can claim Gift Aid on any donations you might make in the future.

Q. Does it matter how much or little I give?

A. No, it doesn’t matter how many donations you have already made – we can claim 25p for every £1 you have given in the last four years. Completing the form today also means that can claim Gift Aid on any donations you may make in the future.

Q. Will my Gift Aid Declaration affect the tax I pay?

A. No. The declaration you make today will not affect the tax you pay in any way. We are just re-claiming tax you have already paid.

Q. If I'm a pensioner, can I still qualify for the Gift Aid scheme?

A. Yes, your donations would be eligible for Gift Aid if you pay tax on a pension plan or savings accounts, pay Capital Gains Tax, or receive any rental income.

Q. Can I cancel my Gift Aid Declaration?

A. Yes, you can cancel your declaration at any time by contacting Supporter Relations on 01227 782062. You should also let us know if your circumstances change and you no longer pay enough Income or Capital Gains Tax to cover the amount claimed by the charity, or if there is any change to your name or address.