Many people choose to ask family and friends to donate at the funeral of a loved one, instead of buying flowers, as a lasting and meaningful way to celebrate life and remember those we love.

There are two ways to hold a funeral collection in aid of Pilgrims Hospices, either through an Always Loved Tribute Fund (an online page), or with our collection envelopes.

Creating an online funeral collection

Creating an Always Loved page in memory of your loved one means you can share photos, special messages and thoughts, light virtual candles as well as make donations. It allows anyone who cannot be with you on the day to make a donation in memory.

Search for an existing funeral collection in support of Pilgrims Hospices here:

How your Always Loved Tribute Fund can help

Raising money in memory of your loved one is a really positive way to celebrate their life. Any amount raised through an Always Loved Tribute Fund will go directly towards the care that Pilgrims’ provides to our local community.

No matter what size, your contributions will make a huge difference to those who will need to call on us to support their loved one, now and into the future. Thank you.

Funeral donation envelopes

We can provide you with donation envelopes, which you can give to those attending the funeral.

They can be given to guests as they enter or leave the service, or you may want to place them on seats at the venue. The envelopes also make it easy for family and friends to let us know if their donation is eligible for Gift Aid, increasing the value of each donation.

Donation envelopes for family and friends to make private donations can be requested through our Individual Giving team:

Funeral directors can help you collect donations

If you’d like to ask a funeral director to help you collect donations, they are usually happy to help with this. You can provide them with our contact details and we’ll be happy to assist them if they need any help from us.

When all donations have been received, we will inform you of the total amount raised in memory of your loved one.