We understand that living and coping with a serious illness can affect people in different ways.

There may be periods when you manage well and feel hopeful, and naturally there may be periods when you feel uncertain, fearful, angry, sad or distressed.

Close relationships, intimacy, confidence and sense of purpose can all be affected in various ways. These feelings and changes are a natural response to what you and those close to you may be going through – though equally some people may not experience these things, everyone is different.

Free counselling for you and your family

Pilgrims free counselling service offers emotional and psychological support to our patients, their families, carers and friends affected by the events and the changes illness brings. It is available across east Kent through our Pilgrims Therapy Centres, on our wards and in people's own homes.

How Pilgrims counsellors can help

All our counselling sessions are confidential. Depending on your preference, our counsellors can see you individually or together with other family members.

They can help you talk about your deepest concerns, difficulties and distress you may be experiencing. By supporting you to express your feelings, they can help you to adjust and find ways of coping with what is happening.

Counsellors are also experienced in helping to address the needs of children and young people at this difficult time and offering support and guidance to parents/carers.

Support is carried through into bereavement. Click here to read more about these services.

Groups for patients and families

As well as offering individual and family counselling, Pilgrims counsellors are also involved in a range of Carers Days and Support Groups which are held through our Wellbeing and Social Programme. Information about these services is sent to all patients and their families by post, but you can click here to find out more or email for more information.

Pilgrims Counselling Service is provided by qualified counsellors, accredited through either the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

24hr Pilgrims Hospices Advice Line - 01233 504133