You may have naturally have questions and concerns:

What happens if I cannot cope at home?      How will we cope financially?

How can I talk to those close to me?      What do we say to the children?

If I come into the hospice, who will look after me when I leave?

These stresses and strains can become difficult to cope with. Talking to a Pilgrims social worker, either alone or with other family members, can help with this. It can also support you to look at all the available options and help with any decisions that need to be made.

Pilgrims social workers are part of our wider care team. They offer practical and emotional support to patients, their families, carers and friends. The social workers are registered by the Health and Care Professionals Council.

A Pilgrims social worker can also advocate for or represent you, the patient, and your extended family network. They can help you liaise with:

24hr Pilgrims Hospices Advice Line - 01233 504 133