Email or call 01233 504133 with any questions about this service.

We help with patient assessment, hands on care, family and carer support and collaboration with other primary care health and social care providers.

The service is available on the same day it has been requested. It has the support of the wider hospice services and inpatient units if needed.

When a request has been made to Hospice at Home, an assessment is made to see if the service is appropriate before contact is made with a patient or their carer.

Care and support is provided in patients’ homes within the east Kent catchment area of Pilgrims Hospices. This includes nursing and residential care homes, prisons and relatives’ homes.

Hospice at Home available across east Kent

We have a small team of senior healthcare assistants who provide a visiting service between the hours of 7.30am and 9.30pm to support for patients and families across each part of our catchment area, including Canterbury, Ashford and Thanet

Download the Hospice at Home personal care request form and email to