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Canterbury hospice receives excellent results after CQC inspection

Posted on 5 December 2012

The Care Quality Commission carried out an inspection of Pilgrims Hospice Canterbury in October and has since formally reported that it meets all of the standards inspected on the day.

The role of the CQC is to act as an independent regulator of all health and social care services in England.  Whether it’s a hospital, care home, nursing home or hospice, the CQC undertakes annual inspections against 16 essential standards. Confirmation of compliance against these outcomes confirms the excellent standards of care that Canterbury delivers and will give confidence to those in need of our services.

As a healthcare provider,  each of our hospices comes under the CQC’s remit to be inspected annually, with inspections being unannounced.

A few weeks after a visit, the CQC will publish its report and make it publicly available via its website and to relevant local media.

The report can be accessed via the CQC’s website

The inspection in October focused on the following essential standards:

  • Consent to care and treatment
  • Care and welfare of people who use services
  • Cleanliness and infection control
  • Requirements relating to workers
  • Complaints

During their visit, the inspectors talked with patients, their families and our staff. They were told they were happy with the care and support they received and their needs were being met in all areas.

Inspectors learned that Pilgrims staff responded to patients’ health needs quickly and spoke to them regularly about their plan of care and any changes that might be needed.

The report includes a number of comments made by our patients to the CQC inspector, which include –

‘They give me choices and if they don’t, they tell me what they are doing. They don’t just wade in.

‘The staff seem to pick up on everything and couldn’t be more helpful’,

‘I’ve been here for two weeks and haven’t seen one down face.”

Another patient comment mentioned staff had held a surprise birthday party for their son who visited every day.

The patients interviewed by the CQC went on to confirm that staff respect their choices, privacy and maintain their dignity. “It’s been a lovely experience. I was scared of hospices but it’s been a wonderful experience,” said a patient.

People told inspectors they were able to make decisions about their care and day to day lives and that staff sought consent. The care and support the person required was discussed with them when they first began to use the service where possible and when any further concerns about their care arose.

Canterbury hospice manager Stephen Weller said: “I’m delighted we continue to meet all of the essential standards set by the CQC. We have a dedicated, well trained caring team of staff who go the extra mile to put our patients at the centre of all they do.”

The charity’s other hospices in Ashford and Margate were both inspected by the CQC earlier this year and were also declared to have met all of the standards inspected.


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