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Drums make great therapy

Posted on 10 October 2017

Therapy sessions at Pilgrims Hospices Wellbeing and Therapy centres come in all shapes and sizes. Whether a patient attending Pilgrims services requires support with physiotherapy or would like to relax with an art class, the range of activities is broad enough to cater for many needs.

Martyn Yates, Pilgrims Complimentary Therapy Lead heads up drum therapy, just one of the interesting sessions available to those attending the Wellbeing and Social Programme.

We use drumming as part of our truly holistic approach to care.

Martyn said: “The therapeutic effects of ancient rhythm techniques can be beneficial to those we care for and their carers. We use drumming as part of our truly holistic approach to care at Pilgrims Hospices. When our patients and their carers or friends take part in the drumming sessions you can really sense the freedom of expression and the benefits of non-verbal communications. It definitely helps to induce a state of calm and focused awareness.”

Martyn and the therapy team have a selection of Celtic and Native American drums along with a large Kenyan African drum. The drum collection has been growing over time and includes many of Martyn’s personal items and others that supporters and staff have donated to the therapy centre. Patients visiting Pilgrims day services have beautifully decorated many of the collection.

As part of the workshop Martyn tells the stories of how ancient drums were made and how drumming has been used for centuries in, communications, celebrations, healing and cultural events.

It’s all about living in the moment.

“I really enjoy sharing the drumming experiences with the service users, rhythm exists within us all and starts with the beating of a heart even before birth. Helping people to enjoy some freedom of expression and being rewarded with their amazing smiles is quite wonderful. It’s a great way of breaking down barriers and always generates stimulating conversations after the session when we all enjoy a well-deserved cup of tea and cake.” Martyn added.

Pilgrim Hospices Associate Practitioner Jenny Aylward said: “Drum therapy is always fun, patients, the Pilgrims team and volunteers who come to help us always have a good time. It’s all about living in the moment, there’s always lots of laughter.”

If you or someone you know is coping with a life limiting illness and you think you may benefit from Pilgrims support, talk to your GP or Healthcare Professional about the options or read about our Wellbeing and Social Programme.

Hospice Care Week takes place 9 – 15 October 2017.

This year’s theme is #WeAreHospiceCare. It’s an opportunity to show the many faces of hospice care and to share these inspiring stories. From nurses to volunteers, chefs to chaplains, corporate partners to carers, this theme is about celebrating everyone involved in providing and supporting hospice care.



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