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Veteran car badge raises record sum

Posted on 23 April 2013

An Edwardian AA car badge which turned up in a box of items given to Pilgrims Hospices shop in Tenterden has been sold on Ebay for £870.

The figure is a record amount for an item sold by the charity through its online auction site.  The buyer is a collector in Sweden.

Bearing the serial number 8024 alongside an engraved signature of Stenson Cooke, who was the first secretary of the Automobile Association when it was formed in 1905, the badge is finished in chrome and came in a green baize-lined presentation box.

Pilgrims volunteer David Smith, who is based at the charity’s Ebay department in Chartham near Canterbury, researched the badge’s history.

He said: “We can be quite certain the badge dates from before the First World War and the pennant over the AA symbol denotes it originally belonged to a member of the executive committee – making it a rare find. It is 22cms high and has two screw holes to mount it to a car, though being quite solid, the badge might have weighed down the front end of the vehicle!

“We spoke to an expert at Bonhams about it who said it should sell for quite a high price – and sure enough it did.

“Bidding was fast and furious with the first offer at £120, rising quickly from there. The gentleman who eventually won the badge was in from the start.

“These things don’t turn up very often – plenty of the yellow backed badges from the 1950s and 1960s surface, but not this old.”

Pilgrims Ebay shop has been running since 2002 and regularly has more than 700 items for sale on the site at any time. Run mainly by volunteers the online shop raises thousands of pounds each year for the charity.




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