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Gift vouchers

Pilgrims Hospices Lottery gift vouchers make unique presents for friends and family.

Give your loved ones the chance to win up to £20,000.

It could be the best present you ever buy them, with an amazing 106 guaranteed cash prizes given weekly to our Lottery members.

Imagine how delighted they would be if they won while supporting their local hospice.

How does it work?

Our gift vouchers make the perfect presents for any occasion.

Each gift voucher comes with a card. Just tell us your details and the name and address of the person receiving your gift (minimum age 16 years) and we will do the rest.

If you would like multiple gift vouchers call 01227 379 741, it’s easier for you!

How to place your order

You can buy Pilgrims Hospices Lottery gift vouchers online, pick from the drop down list which gives the option for occasions.

Christmas gift vouchers

Add an extra sparkle to a loved one’s Christmas by giving them a special gift voucher.

Christmas gift vouchers offer the same fabulous cash prizes as regular Lottery gift vouchers and can be ordered in the same way. Each one comes with a seasonal card so you can personalise your festive message.

Order your Christmas gift vouchers by Wednesday 13 December 2017.

The first draw for entries is Friday 29 December 2017.

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Wedding favours

Pilgrims Hospices Lottery gift vouchers are a lovely idea to have as wedding favours for your wedding.

Our gift vouchers are fully personalised and would show the recipients name and Lottery number with the Bride and Grooms name also and will include ‘supporting Pilgrims Hospices’ on the back of the favour.

All we would need in advance would be the colour requirement to fit with your theme and a list of your guests’ full names so that we can produce their gift voucher for the day.

You choose the wording and colour scheme of the design in advance too.

In terms of cost, £2 per Wedding Favour gives the recipient two weeks in the draw, £3 three weeks and so on.

Scratch cards

Pilgrims Hospices Lottery scratch cards are a fun way to support Pilgrims.

Scratch cards cost just £1, with a range of prizes to be won from £1 to the jackpot of £1,000. The cards are currently on sale at hospice reception areas in Ashford, Canterbury and Margate and are also available in a Pilgrims Hospices shop near you.

Pilgrims Hospices Lottery scratch cards are a fun, charitable alternative to ‘party favours’.

Both you and any Lottery item recipient must be over 16 years of age. Our Lottery is registered with the Gambling Commission.

For more information about Lottery gift vouchers, wedding favours or scratch cards please contact us on 01227 379741, or if you need general information about our Lottery please email

The proceeds from each Lottery draw help our nurses provide end of life care and support to local people and their families when it is most needed.

Together we make a difference.


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