Staff Handbook and Staff Charter

With strong links to Pilgrims' Vision, values and CODE, our Staff Handbook and Staff Charter set out your responsibilities as employees and the organisation’s pledge and commitment to you.

Here's what some of our current employees have said.

I am proud to work for Pilgrims Hospices. It's a wonderful cause and a worthwhile charity. When you go home you feel you have made a difference.

The team spirit and comradery with colleagues is supportive. As an employee I feel valued. My ideas are considered and my opinions matter. I’m definitely an important cog in the machine and we are all needed to make the hospice work.

I came in the first place as I had previously had personal experience of the hospice and knew it was an important charity; back then I was part-time. As I enjoy the work and the team I am now full time and very happy with this decision.

- Wendy Kelk, Hospice Services Manager

Working for Pilgrims is an immensely fulfilling job. Although it can be emotional at times, it is a wonderful feeling to know that you have made a difference to peoples' lives.

- George Braithwaite, Head Chef

I joined Pilgrims in June 2018 after ten years in the acute sector. I was initially quite unsure of what to expect. I've met some wonderful and kind people here; it is a lovely place to work and I have witnessed how much thought and respect is given to staff and volunteers alike with the ‘Thank You’ events and the Personal Best programme to name a few. Pilgrims has an ethos that is refreshing and dynamic and I feel super proud to be part of the team here and the future plans.

- Karena Marks, Community Services Manager

I like working at Pilgrims Hospices because we are able to deliver a high standard of patient-centred care that enables them to live well. There is great job satisfaction in knowing that you have had the time and resources to give your best to the patients and their families at such a difficult time of their lives. It is a happy place to work with peer support, team work and opportunities.

- Kate White, Head of Nursing

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We also have a range of volunteer opportunities available for anyone who would like to donate their time to support Pilgrims.