Celebrating Diwali as part of Inter Faith Week

Celebrating Diwali with patients at the Wellbeing Centre as part of Inter Faith Week activities is a wonderful way to promote inclusion and cultural diversity. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a significant Hindu festival celebrated by millions of people around the world.

Pilgrims Hospices Wellbeing teams made the Diwali celebrations part of their Time to Create group sessions.  Those attending took part in traditional Diwali artwork, creating colourful paintings using designs associated with the festival.  Everyone was encouraged to express themselves through these creative activities.

Amie Tuffs, Pilgrims Hospices Wellbeing Practitioner, said: “Our Time to Create groups are a really lovely way of getting our patients together in a relaxing environment.  We talk about all sorts of topics, including how we’re feeling and what’s happening in our lives, while trying some new creatives that perhaps group members haven’t tried before.  Our Diwali sessions allowed the groups to talk about the significance of the festival and the symbolic gesture of dispelling darkness and welcoming light into our lives.  We had great fun creating our own special celebration of light pictures that will be displayed around the hospices for visitors, staff, and volunteers to appreciate the artwork.”

The Wellbeing team captured the moments through photography in order to remember this special celebration.

By celebrating Diwali in this way, Pilgrims Hospices created a warm and inclusive environment where patients from various backgrounds, could share in the joy and cultural richness of this festival. It’s a beautiful way to bring people together and provide a sense of belonging during their time at the hospice.


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