Payroll Giving for Pilgrims: A simple way to make a big difference

In celebration of Payroll Giving Month, Pilgrims Hospices is shedding light on a convenient and tax-effective method for businesses and employees to contribute to their favourite charities. Throughout February, the charity aims to raise awareness about payroll giving and its potential impact on supporting local hospice care.

What is payroll giving? Payroll giving is a hassle-free way to make regular donations to Pilgrims Hospices directly from your salary. It stands out as one of the most tax-effective methods for individuals to contribute to a charity.

Benefits to the Employee:

Ease and Convenience: There is no need to set up a direct debit; your donation seamlessly comes out of your monthly pay.

Flexibility: You decide the amount and frequency of your donations, with the option to stop at any time by contacting your payroll giving team.

Cost-effective: Your donation is deducted from your gross pay before tax, meaning you pay less, but Pilgrims receives the full pledged amount.

Making a Big Difference: By supporting local hospice care with every payday, you contribute significantly to the cause.

Example: If you donate £10 per month, you’ll only pay £8, £6, or £5.50, depending on your tax rate, while Pilgrims still receive the full £10.

How to Get Involved: To participate, simply reach out to your payroll department. For those whose companies don’t have a payroll giving scheme, now is an opportune time to encourage them to set one up.

Benefits for Employers:

Employee Commitment: Demonstrates commitment to employees’ well-being.

Support for Various Causes: Provides employees with the opportunity to support charities they care about.

Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Profile: Boosts the company’s image in the community.

Simplicity: Setting up a payroll giving scheme is straightforward with a payroll giving agency.

Employee Engagement: Easy to run and promote to staff.

Corporate Partnerships Manager’s Perspective: Leila Ilkhan, Corporate and Trusts Partnerships Manager, emphasises, “Payroll giving is a simple way for people to donate to Pilgrims and provides a regular source of vital income for the charity so we can continue reaching as many people as we can who need end-of-life care.”

Your Support’s Impact:

£5 per month could equip on-site gyms for patients, aiding independent living.

£10 per month could cover a patient’s meals for a day at inpatient units.

£15 per month could fund a complementary therapy session, easing symptoms and anxiety.

For businesses keen on exploring payroll giving, contact Pilgrims Hospices’ corporate partnerships team at Your support can truly make a big difference in providing vital end-of-life care for those in need.

This year alone, Pilgrims Hospices has to raise £11 million through voluntary donations in order to run our full range of services. Sponsorship raised through events like these helps us continue caring for local people at the end of their lives.