Cate Russell introduces Pilgrims new website

If you’ve visited Pilgrims Hospices website in the last few weeks you might have noticed something a little different; we’re really excited to introduce a brand new Pilgrims website for you to explore.

The biggest reason for the change is to provide better information about our care. As soon as you visit the new website, you’ll see we’ve changed the experience for visitors. One of our key goals is to encourage people with an incurable illness to come and talk to us sooner; our new website is designed to break down some of the fears that can get in the way of this.

Our homepage is now all about our services; it uses positive language and images to show that, as well as helping people at end of life, we also help people to do a lot of living, too.

You can watch videos and read blogs from our service users talking about what it’s really like to use Pilgrims services, and there’s new information that patients and carers can download.

There’s more for supporters, too

Don’t just take our word for it, though; visit today to see for yourself.

If you or someone you know is coping with a life limiting illness and you think you may benefit from Pilgrims free services, talk to your GP or Healthcare Professional about your options or click here to read about our Wellbeing and Social Programme.