Santas on the Run! Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. The Santas on the Run! Tri Series, hereafter referred to as the “Event”, is a series of three 5k or 3k fun runs taking part along a signed and marshalled route. It includes Santas on the Bay! in Herne Bay, Santas on the Harbour! in Folkestone and Santas on the Seashore! in Margate.
  2. The following number of participants (the “Capacity”) can take part in the each Event in the series: Herne Bay: 600, Folkestone: 500, Margate: 500.
  3. I understand it is my responsibility to read and abide by any terms and conditions issued by the Organiser.
  4. I agree at all times during the Event to abide by the reasonable instructions and guidelines of event staff, nominated representatives, and contractors and to behave appropriately at all times on the route. I acknowledge and agree that Pilgrims Hospices will organise and run the Event and will have sole authority and be the final arbiter on all decisions relating to the following aspects of the Event: health and safety, logistical operations, participation, and general organisation.
  5. I agree to obey the Country Code and Highway Code, and any shared use pathway signage, and acknowledge the importance of remaining aware of other path users who may be reasonably present along the route, which is open to and shared with the public. I will act considerately towards other path users, particularly vulnerable persons, and stop or move aside where necessary.
  6. I agree to (i) only participate in the Event wearing the number assigned to me (“Participant Number”), (ii) not to authorise or permit any third party to use my Participant Number for the Event and (iii) not to sell, transfer or give any other person the right to participate in the Event and/or use my Participant Number, unless in accordance with a Participant Transfer arranged with the Organiser.
  7. I agree that all details provided to the Organiser within my registration are true and correct at time of submission and understand that, if it is discovered I am ineligible to participate in the Event or if participation should have been refused for any reason whatsoever, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel/refuse my entry to the Event. Further, the Organiser reserves the right to reject at any time any registration form which it believes to be fraudulent, or to disqualify at any time any Participant it believes not to have fully complied with these Terms and Conditions from participating in the Event, or in any future events. The Organiser shall not be liable in any way to such Participant as a result of any such disqualification or refusal. It is the Participant’s responsibility to ensure full compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
  8. I understand that the Event involves physical exertion and I must be medically fit and well prepared to take part. If in any doubt I must consult my doctor before completing the registration form. I understand that I participate in the event at my own risk and that the Organiser will not be liable for any injury or illness resulting from my participation, except where injury or illness is caused by their negligence and they are legally liable.
  9. I understand and accept that participation in outdoor running events involve inherent risks of injury, accidents, exhaustion, dehydration, exposure to inclement weather conditions, and exposure to other participants and third parties who may well not fully respect the Event rules or accepted event etiquette, or any social distancing or hygiene type guidelines that have been communicated or are widely accepted as being reasonable and normal practice.
  10. I acknowledge that I am personally responsible for my own belongings during the Event and the Organiser nor third party venues accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings.
  11. Registration to the Event is only finalised once payment has been completed, either via the online registration form, by telephone card payment or by cheque made payable to ‘Pilgrims Hospices in east Kent’. ) If a payment made by me, or on behalf of me, in respect of the registration fee, fails or is blocked for whatever reason, at any time prior to the Event, my entry will be cancelled immediately and a new appropriate payment will need to be made in order to take part.
  12. All online registration forms must be received by the Organiser before midnight on the Sunday prior to the Event date (“Entry Deadline”). Any online registration received after the Entry Deadline will not be accepted. This deadline is subject to change if the Event reaches the full Capacity prior to the above date. The Organiser reserves the right to close, disable or remove from its website the online registration form at any time.
  13. I agree to abide by any reasonable guidelines that the Organiser may implement on the Event in respect of ‘social distancing’ and ‘hygiene procedures’ associated with minimising the likely spread of Coronavirus or of any infection or disease.
  14. I will act responsibly, honestly and legally at all times in respect of my participation in the Event and during the time leading up to it, and will not bring through my actions the Event, the Organiser, or other Participants into disrepute.
  15. I acknowledge that no drugs, illegal substances, performance enhancing substances or intoxicants of any kind are permitted to be used by any Participant. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse attendance at, or participation in, the Event by any persons found to have consumed or to have in their possession any drugs, illegal substances, performance enhancing substances or intoxicants of any kind.
  16. I understand that no dogs (except for guide dogs) or other animals or pets are permitted to take part in the Event alongside participants.
  17. All participants who register for the Event in advance will be guaranteed a festive suit - Santa or elf (limited stock). Adult suits are one universal size. Child suits are available in differing ages bands and the appropriate size can be chosen upon collection at our Suit Collection Days or on the day of the Event.
  18. Elf suits are limited and subject to a first come first served basis. Once the designated number of elf suits have been selected at entry for each Event, the option will become unavailable and all further registrations will be allocated a Santa suit.
  19. All participants who enter all three events as a Tri-series runner will receive one elf suit and two santa suits to wear at the events.
  20. Suits can be collected in person during the arranged Suit Collection Days in advance of the Event, or during the check-in period on the day of the Event.

  1. The registration form to the Event must be completed by a person aged 18 years or over at time of registration.
  2. Participants under the age of 18 (“Minor”) must be accompanied by a participating adult who is responsible for them at all times.
  3. Minors under 3 years of age can accompany a participating adult for free without the need to register.
  4. A parental consent form must be submitted for Minors by their parent or legal guardian. They can be downloaded from the Event website and must be sent to prior to the Event date.
  5. Should a parent or legal guardian of a Minor be refused entry, removed, or need to withdraw from the event, the Minor must also withdraw.

  1. I accept that the Event is not a race in any format and no record of times will be kept. Any participant considered to be acting in a way that endangers themselves or others may be asked to leave the event. 
  2. During the Event, there will be warning signs at appropriate points on the route. The absence of these signs does not signal that there are no dangers approaching and it is my responsibility to make a decision regarding whether to progress or not. The marking of the route does not necessarily indicate that the path or road is without hazards or obstacles and I am deemed to make my own decision about whether to proceed.
  3. The marked route is shown for guidance only and the Organiser does not insist that I use the route shown. If I choose to complete a section, it is entirely my own choice. If I choose a different route to avoid obstacles or sections that I decide are beyond my capabilities, I do so entirely at my own risk.
  4. The Organiser may need to change the time, date, route and/or format of the Event and to cancel the Event, in whole or in part, due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control (including, for example, extreme weather conditions, fire, flood, outbreak of disease, natural disasters, etc.). In such circumstances, the Organiser shall inform the Participant by email of any such change or cancellation.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to shorten or alter the published route at any time and any alterations to the route do not constitute the right to claim a refund of the registration fee.
  6. If I become injured or unwell during the Event for any reason, it is my responsibility to inform the nearest event marshal so assistance can be provided.
  7. A Participant may be withdrawn from the Event at the discretion of the Organiser if they if it is deemed that they are in an unfit condition to continue, through injury, illness or any other reason.
  8. The Organiser will provide medical support on the Event, and the prime role of the medical support teams will be to deal with genuine medical emergencies as their first priority, as they arise.
  9. The Organiser will provide water on the Event, and it is the Participant’s responsibility to remain hydrated, and should carry a drink with them on the Event.
  10. Whilst the Event route will be signed and marshalled, it is the Participant’s responsibility to remain alert to signage and not to deviate from the route.

  1. Whilst it is not compulsory to fundraise, I will use my best endeavours to raise money for Pilgrims Hospices in connection with my participation in the Event.
  2. I understand and will make clear to those who support my fundraising that any money I send into Pilgrims Hospices will be treated as a donation and used to carry out the charity’s work. Donations are not generally refundable, even if I fail to take part in or withdraw from the Event.
  3. Any fundraising I undertake in connection with my participation in the Event will be for Pilgrims Hospices only and I will forward all monies donated to the Charity either by cash, cheque, CAF or via an online giving provider no later than six weeks after the Event.
  4. I will only use lawful means to fundraise for the Pilgrims Hospices and will not bring the charity's names into disrepute. I will observe the following fundraising rules and I will comply with any further rules and requirements about fundraising of which the Charity notify me.
  5. I will not use Pilgrims Hospices or any associated logo without first obtaining permission from Pilgrims Hospices and will allow Charity to approve any materials produced whether printed or online.
  6. I will tell my sponsors that I am raising money “in aid of” Pilgrims Hospices.
  7. I will not incur Pilgrims Hospices any cost, claim, loss or liability.
  8. I will contact Pilgrims Hospices before conducting any raffle, lottery or public event, and comply with any guidance, guidelines or insurance and legal requirements issued by the Charity in connection with this kind of event.
  9. I will secure the necessary approvals prior to undertaking street collections or collections on private property. House-to-house collections are not permitted.
  10. I will ensure that I take responsibility for the safe keeping of money raised in the name of Pilgrims Hospices, both during and after the collections, until it is transferred to the Charity and I will:
    • Ensure that if collecting cash, it is counted in the presence of at least one witness and that this amount is written, signed by the witness/es and a cheque for this amount is sent to the Charity.
    • Send Pilgrims Hospices my completed sponsorship form(s) with details of the names and addresses of and amounts donated or pledged by all sponsors no later than six weeks after the Event. This will allow Pilgrims Hospices to process gift aid on donations. Please note that we will not contact your sponsors.
    • Ensure that donations made by cheque are payable to ‘Pilgrims Hospices in east Kent’ and ensure that these cheques are sent to the charity no later than 3 weeks after issue.
    • Only use sponsorship forms issued by Pilgrims Hospices and not use any other type of sponsorship form (unless otherwise agreed with the Charity).

  1. Any Participant intending to cancel their place in the Event shall inform the Organiser as soon as reasonably practicable. At their discretion, the Organiser will liaise with the Participant whether the place is deferred to a future Pilgrims Hospices event, transferred to another individual, or cancelled and the registration fee donated to the Charity or refunded.
  2. The Participant acknowledges that:
    • A cancelled place will be made available for resale as per the Event capacity.
    • Any refund request must be received by the Organiser prior to the Event date. Requests for refunds on registration fees made on or after the Event date will not be accepted.
  3. A Participant can transfer their entry to another individual provided this takes place at least 1 week prior to the Event date. Notice of a participant transfer must be requested by the outgoing participant by emailing stating clearly the desire to transfer their entry and the full name and email address of the new entrant.
  4. A Participant can defer their entry to the equivalent future Event, provided the deferral request is received at least 48 hours prior to the Event date. Notice of a participant deferral must be requested by emailing stating clearly the desire to defer their entry.
  5. It is the Participant’s responsibility to make the Organiser aware of any changes to the information submitted on the registration form. Failure to do so may impact some of the services made available for you whilst on the Event. This includes informing the Organiser of any change of address, or email address, that will affect the postage of event correspondence. Any change of information should be made to the Organiser by emailing

  1. By submitting a registration form for the Event, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that their personal details provided will be used in accordance with the Pilgrims Hospices Privacy Policy.
  2. Pilgrims Hospices are registered under the Data Protection Act and will never share, sell or swap your details with any third party for the purposes of their own marketing or the monetising of your data.
  3. By taking part in the event, I agree to Pilgrims Hospices using my name and any footage or photographs taken during my participation in any future promotional material.
  4. I understand that if I do not wish my photograph to be taken and/or used, I should inform the Organiser so that they can make the necessary arrangements. I understand that if I wish to withdraw my consent at any time, I should email I also acknowledge that while the Organiser will use all reasonable endeavours to comply with any such notice of withdrawal of permission it cannot guarantee that materials in public circulation at the date on which the request is received will be withdrawn immediately.

  1. Any complaints in relation to the Event should be made to