Pilgrims Tandem Skydive FAQs

Do I have to do any training in advance of the jump?

No prior training is needed for your jump, you’ll receive all of the necessary training on the day of your jump. When you arrive at Skydive Headcorn you will receive a training session lasting about 30-40 minutes.

The jump is made from 12,000ft and includes a free-fall of 30-40 seconds before your instructor opens your parachute. You will be given an opportunity to steer, however the instructor will remain in control at all times. You can view a skydive video over on the skydive page by clicking here.

The jump will take place at GoSkydive Headcorn which is located in the heart of Kent, during your skydive you will experience incredible views of the south east of England and glimpses of the northern coast of France.

GoSkydive is located at: Headcorn Airfield, Headcorn, Ashford, Kent TN27 9HX.

By jumping as part of Team Pilgrims we ask that you to pledge to raise at least £395 in sponsorship. Your fundraising will cover the cost of all the medicine used at one of our inpatient units for 4 days! Your £40 deposit is non-refundable but goes towards your fundraising. The more you raise, the more money can go to those in our community living with an incurable illness.

Yes, and there are a few media packages you can choose from (the media packages are available to book at any time before your jump). 

  1. The ultimate selfie, £119 - GoSkydive's highly qualified tandem instructors are also trained to operate a wrist mounted GoPro camera during your skydive. The video footage will capture your close-up reactions – visual and vocal (note to self: do not swear if you’re showing the footage to mum later!).
  2. Star in your own movie, £169 - Your photographer will climb out of the plane and take video and stills footage as you prepare to jump from 2-3 miles up. They’ll then use their skill to track you as you freefall, capturing your descent from a range of different angles.
  3. Totally epic, £209 - The Totally Epic package of Freefall and Handcam video footage and stills photography for just £209 combines all the media products and saves you £79. This package is recommended for anyone looking to capture their skydive from every angle, as well as interact with their photographer in freefall at 125 mph during freefall.

With every camera package you have access to your footage online, no waiting around for USB sticks or DVD’s. Once you have completed your jump GoSkydive's team of media editors will get to work creating your video using their state of the art editing tools, their average turn around time for editing and sending out footage is location dependent, but they hope to get to you within 48 hours. 

At GoSkydive the maximum weight for a tandem student is 18 stone (114kg) fully clothed with weight being in proportion to height. If you are between 15 (95kg) and 18 stone, you will need to contact GoSkydive in advance to check your suitability to jump.

Please note it is a regulation that GoSkydive weighs all jumpers on the day of their jump and if they exceed 18 stone, they will be unable to jump.
Due to higher operational costs, there will be a surcharge for people over 15 stone. 15-16 stone £10 per person, 16-17 stone £20 per person and 17-18 stone £30 per person.
Find out more here

Skydiving is a weather dependent sport. The conditions required by GoSkydive to be able to take you on a tandem skydive are good horizontal visibility, no solid cloud between the landing area and the exit point of the aircraft and wind no more than 20 knots. GoSkydive assesses the weather at 5pm on the day before your jump and will notify you as soon as possible after 5pm if they think the weather will not be suitable for jumping. GoSkydive will not make any judgement on the weather prior to this time.

On the day of your jump you must arrive at the skydive centre unless you have been told directly by GoSkydive that your jump has been cancelled. If you do not turn up for the jump you will forfeit your jump spot and Pilgrims will incur the cost.

Weather can unfortunately prevent tandem skydives taking place at a certain time, however it’s important to remember that GoSkydive ask you to be available for 6 hours on the day of your jump so that they can make the most of any weather opportunities, as we all know it can change suddenly. If the weather prevents your jump from taking place GoSkydive will work with you to reorganise the jump for a mutually agreed date within 12 months.


Upon arrival at the airfield at your designate time (8:30, 11:00 or 13:00) you will need to register at the Tandem Meeting Point. This is necessary to determine the order in which you will jump. After registering you will complete the necessary paperwork. When the whole group have completed their registration forms you will begin your training, this will last about 30-40 minutes. Provided the weather is suitable, you are then ready to take on your jump! Jumps take place in the order of your registration at the Tandem Meeting Point.

On the day, a member of Pilgrims Hospices will be at Skydive Headcorn to wish you good luck!

Headcorn Parachute Club operates one aircraft at a time which can make up to 20+ flights a day. There can be up to forty people booked for tandem skydives and up to eight instructors available to assist the jumps. Each instructor will jump around four to five people a day. After each jump the instructor will have to repack their parachute which takes a dedicated amount of time to ensure all equipment is prepared correctly. It is also important to remember that although an aircraft can hold up to 14 people, GoSkydive never guarantee jumping more than two tandem skydivers at any one time.

The team at Skydive Headcorn work hard to ensure that the day runs smoothly and that everyone is able to complete their tandem skydive and to have a great experience whilst doing so. 

We would of course love for you to share this crazy challenge with your family and friends. There is a small cafeteria available for spectators to enjoy which serves hot drinks, there are also picnic benches outside. There are also toilets available on site, including a disabled toilet and a baby changing area. Although the parachute landing area is off limits to spectators, they will have a great view of your tandem skydive from the picnic benches. Skydive Headcorn is located on a working farm and dogs are therefore not permitted to attend your skydive.

In the weeks running up to your jump GoSkydive will be in touch with all the necessary information about your jump. If you have any further questions after you’ve received your pre-jump email, please don’t hesitate to contact Sophie Howland on sophie.howland@pilgrimshospices.org or GoSkydive on 01722 442967.

Please wear something comfortable and appropriate for the time of year that you are jumping. Trainers are the most appropriate footwear, please do not wear sandals or heels for your tandem skydive. A jumpsuit, hat, gloves and goggles will be provided for your tandem skydive.

Pilgrims Hospices will also provide you with a branded technical t-shirt for your jump. This can either be posted out to you in advance of the jump, or collected on the day from the Pilgrims Hospices representative.