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A big thank you to Pilgrims Hospices Lottery supporters

Pilgrims Hospices Lottery Manager Shiralee celebrates the start of spring with a look at what makes Pilgrims Lottery members special.

Pilgrims Lottery members are very special. In fact, many of you have been a part of our super Lottery for the whole of its 21 years!

First seen in Pilgrims Matters, our supporter magazine. Click here to find out how you can get your copy, or to download free. 

We really are the local Lottery that makes a difference. With the help of our local communities in Ashford, Canterbury and Thanet, Pilgrims Lottery has donated more than £10 million towards the cost of providing care to patients and families across east Kent.

Pilgrims Lottery has donated more than £10 million towards the cost of providing care to patients and families across east Kent.

One of my favourite parts of the job is meeting and talking to our members, of which there are more than 20,000 and counting.

We also have a huge network of Lottery collectors who help us in the community. They go out collecting subscriptions when people have asked for collections from their homes. It’s quite a unique service we offer because a lot of our members really value that personal connection. Having our collectors out in the community also means we get to stay in touch with more of our supporters.

I enjoy going out myself to present as many of the winner’s cheques as I can. Our local community has supported the Lottery so loyally for many years; offering them a personal touch is the least we can do. It’s so rewarding to see the difference a win from our Lottery – which could be as much as £20,000 – can make to a family. Our delighted winners often send us lovely messages of support:

  • “I am one proud and happy collector. Thank you to Shiralee for meeting me to deliver a lovely cheque to supporters on my Thanet round – a proud and happy Lottery member and his wife. They truly deserved the win.”
    Sonia Dunbar on Facebook
  • “I’m just about to sign up to Pilgrims Lottery and thought I’d share. They looked after my dad so well. If you play the National Lottery you might have more of a chance with this!”
    Claire Benwell
  • “Having had close family members looked after at our wonderful hospices, I know and appreciate the love and care given by the charity. Long may the good work last!”
    Mrs T, Deal

Good luck to everyone who plays Pilgrims Lottery and thank you all for your kind support. Together we really make a difference for the people who rely on our care.

Pilgrims Hospices Lottery with Raffles

Last year alone more than £1.1 million was raised by Pilgrims Lottery for the hospice, and 5,500 winners’ cheques were sent out by our loyal and committed supporters. More than 50 of those were for £2,000 or more.

The odds of winning Pilgrims Lottery are higher than winning the National Lottery and it’s still only £1 per week.

To join or sign up for additional Lottery numbers, visit the website or call 01227 379741.

If you have a message for our lovely Lottery team, find them on Facebook and Twitter or email