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Anthony’s wide view of town shows off the big picture

Posted on 18 January 2013

Margate artist Anthony Giles is nearing completion of his 39 feet long picture of the town’s seaside landscape which he is auctioning in aid of Pilgrims Hospices.

Bids have been made by visitors as he paints the 12 section picture in the Harbour Arm Gallery. The work is due to be completed on Friday 25 January.  Happily, recent cold weather has failed to keep him from the task in hand.

Silent bids have been accepted while Anthony, from Birchington, has been at work and the highest ones will be announced at the gallery on Saturday 26 January. He has been asking people to bid a minimum of £300 per section for the charity.

The most popular section has been that depicting the Harbour Arm and Turner Contemporary which is at the extreme left hand end of the picture. Anthony’s own favourite is the section which includes Margate’s clock tower while many have commented on the piece featuring Arlington House flats and Dreamland.

Closer inspection of the painting reveals that it’s not just Margate in the painting, the view is wide enough to capture parts of Westgate and Birchington seafronts as well. In the extreme right hand panel, the Isle of Sheppey and the main chimney at Kingsnorth power station can be seen on the horizon.

Last year Anthony painted 12 pictures in 12 hours to raise funds for Pilgrims Hospices and it was during that project someone suggested he paint a wide landscape of Margate

He said: “Someone on Twitter suggested I do a giant painting of Margate and I thought it would be a good idea.

“When I started painting, it hit me just how big a challenge it is.

“It’s hard work but I am really enjoying it.

“For me the most important thing is raising a lot of money for the hospice”

Read more about Anthony’s work in this article from the  Isle of Thanet Gazette


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