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Summary of achievements and performance in 2011/12

Posted on 13 November 2012

Our achievements are many but I would like to bring the following to your attention.

Activity levels at the hospices during the period under review were as follows (previous year in brackets):

1)   Total referrals to the hospices – 2,367 (2,071)

2)   Total number of deaths – 1,690 (1,365)

3)   Number of inpatient admissions – 1,336 (1,110)

4)   Average length of inpatient stay – 10.9 days (12.1)

5)   Average occupancy – 83.3% (80.3%)

6)   Number of home visits carried out by Community Nursing Team – 5,828 (5,675)

7)   Hospice at Home hours – 11,364 (10,302)

8)   Total number of day hospice attendances – 3,164 (2,949)

9)   Number of attendances at outpatient clinics and other services – 1,853 (1,237)

Once more total referrals were up on the previous year and the number of patients cared for who were diagnosed with advanced, progressive and incurable illnesses other than cancer rose to 22.5% (533 patients), in line with the stated policy. Occupancy on our inpatient unit also rose.

The Hospice at Home team, which provides a rapid response, 24 hour service to patients at the extreme end of life who have expressed the wish to die at home, and enables them to do so in comfort and with dignity, is now fully operational across east Kent. It has received very positive feedback and is now incorporated into the full range of community services which are offered.  The number of hours of care provide also increased.

Day hospice care has always been a valuable and popular core service and now offers an even wider range of activities and support, including clinics, a drop-in information service and a range of programmes and pursuits designed to support patients, carers and families and help them cope with the emotional stresses of dealing with a life limiting illness.  It is good to see more people accessing these services.

Clinics and courses, along with all the other services, have been specifically designed to give a mixture of information, practical advice and support to patients and carers in order to give them confidence and encouragement.  Some of the range of programmes available (for example breathlessness management, massage and relaxation techniques), can be taken by the Community Associate Practitioners to patients in the community who cannot travel to the day hospices.

I would like to thank all our clinical staff and their administrative support for working so hard to deliver high quality care to more people, and to all the volunteers who make Pilgrims Hospices so special.

S J Auty

Chief Executive


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