Therapeutic Labyrinth Garden – Canterbury

Our Therapeutic Labyrinth Garden was created in 2010 as a space for everyone to use – patients, carers, staff, volunteers and members of the public alike.

It is open 365 days a year, and can be found tucked at the back of our hospice site in Canterbury, at 56 London Road.

We love to receive visitors, so either drop by and help yourself or you can organise a tour with our Spiritual Care Lead #Martyn Yates#. (

What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth has only one path that winds into the centre and out again. Unlike a maze, there are no dead-ends or decisions to make about which way to go.

It has been called a meditative walk, a part of a spiritual journey, the means to inner transformation, a path of prayer or a metaphor for our lives.

The Labyrinth may be walked alone or in groups.

The Pilgrims Hospice Labyrinth path is wide enough for wheelchairs. In the Therapeutic Labyrinth Garden there is a Finger Labyrinth carved out of local wood.

What are the benefits?

Following the path helps to bring mind, body and spirit in harmony with each other.

It can be calming or enlightening and can help people to let go of worries, stress or grief.

Some may find stillness in the midst of busy and pressured lives. Some are helped to decide their next step.

How do I walk the Labyrinth?

There is no right or wrong way to walk – just walk it!

The walk may be divided into three stages, the three Rs*:

  • Releasing on the way in
  • Receiving at the centre
  • Returning on the way out

If something has been received at the centre, it is taken out into the world.

Here are some ideas on the ways of walking. Take a moment to reflect before you enter, you may like to take a question with you. During your walk, you may feel like:

  • Pausing
  • Walking quickly
  • Walking slowly
  • Following your inner feelings

Sometimes nothing much happens. This is normal, but it might help to walk it again or even a few times.

Sometimes after you have walked the labyrinth emotions come to the surface and you might like to talk to someone. If so, please telephone 01227 459700 to speak to a hospice professional or if you are on site, please talk to the nurse in charge.

*The 3 Rs have been suggested by Rev Lauren Artress – world-wide facilitator in Labyrinths.

The Therapeutic Labyrinth Garden was designed by Andrew Wiggins and Jeff Seward and constructed by the Labyrinth Builders.

Experiences of our Labyrinth

People who walked the Pilgrims Fabric Labyrinth have said:

“The labyrinth has led me on an emotional journey within myself. It gave me a realisation that I still had hope and a future.” Marian – Service User

“When I walked the labyrinth I felt comforted and despite the sadness in my life. I felt warmth from those who loved and cared for me.” David Smith – Service User

“Being pushed in my wheelchair round the labyrinth by my husband, together we found that it was the most spiritual and magical thing we have ever experienced. I have Motor Neurone Disease, and whether or not our emotions were high the feeling of inner calm and love made us both feel complete. It was thought provoking and awe-inspiring, also something together we could both share.” Diane – Service User

“I had time to reflect and to think that the labyrinth would always be there for you if you had need of it.” William – Service User

“Since walking the labyrinth over a period of time the depression that had settled over me when my husband died has lifted.” Angela – Volunteer

“I was very moved by the experience and found a sense of peace, especially as my daughter was able to walk with me.” Joyce – Service User