<b>Dr Pia Amsler</b> <br><h4>Director of Medicine</h4></br>

Dr Pia Amsler

Director of Medicine

Pia joined Pilgrims Hospices in November 2021 when she moved with her family, dogs, cat and chickens to rural Kent. She has worked for nearly 25 years in palliative care and has enjoyed clinical and strategic leadership roles for 16 years. Pia is particularly proud of the development of hospice-led community initiatives in East Hertfordshire.

Pia is passionate about helping people to live well until they die well and to offer a gold star hospice service to many, rather than a platinum service to few.

She joined the executive team at Pilgrims Hospices in April 2023 and looks forward to collaborative and strategic working with her colleagues in the Kent and Medway area.

Outside her work, Pia enjoys being creative with yarn and fabric and relaxes on long walks with her husband and their dogs.