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Support after the death of a loved one

Support is extended to the carers and families of patients who were cared for by Pilgrims Hospices.

Though grieving is a natural response to the death of someone close, it can be very distressing or traumatic and therefore some people need additional support to get through this difficult time. Support is available for the whole family, including close friends of those who have died or been cared for by Pilgrims Hospices.


Bereavement information

We know how important it is to understand what it is like to face the loss of someone close.  We therefore send a booklet – Facing Loss – and information about our bereavement services to the next of kin of patients who have died under our care.

The booklet explains the impact of bereavement and also includes information about local and national resources.

Bereavement support groups

We find that when people attend bereavement support groups they benefit a great deal from meeting other people who have also experienced the death of a close relative or friend. They provide the opportunity to talk about feelings and share experiences in a confidential setting. There is a shared understanding which helps people feel less alone with their grief. People in the group also  find they help support one another with ideas and answers to some of the practical problems they are dealing with.

Information about these groups is made available to the next of kin of patients who have died under our care, inviting them to contact us if they would like to attend. Any family members or close friends are welcome to come along. The groups are run by the hospice counsellors along with the hospice chaplain and social worker and are usually held over four to six sessions.


Though grief is a natural response to experiencing the death of someone close, for some people there may be difficult personal, emotional or psychological issues for which extra support and help is needed.

The confidential counselling service is provided for family, carers and close friends whose loved one has died under the care of Pilgrims Hospices.

Counsellors can see family members individually or together depending on their needs. People may be referred by a team member, a GP or other health professional, or themselves.

Confidential counselling service is provided for family, carers and close friends

Support for children

The death of a relative affects the whole family, including children. It is a natural response in families to want to protect children from the difficult circumstances the family is facing. However, children are aware and are likely to have worries and concerns about what has happened. It is therefore important for families to support, prepare and involve children throughout the period of illness and after death.

Pilgrims Hospices team of social workers, chaplains and counsellors can provide support and guidance for families to help them cope with their children’s grief. Our counsellors can provide direct support to children and special days are organised when there is interest from bereaved families to do so.

Remember someone special

Finding special ways to create a lasting memory for a loved one can be difficult. Responding to the many requests we have received from family and friends, we have provided several ideas to create beautiful lasting tributes.


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