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Fire & Ice WalkRegister

Thank you to everyone who attended last year’s firewalk. Together, you raised an incredible £60,000; enough to pay for more than 3,000 hours of nursing care!

The ‘hottest, shortest sponsored walk in the world’ is back, and this year there’s a cool new twist!

The training was fantastic… and the walk was something I’ll never forget.

Firewalk It’s time to get all fired up for one of the most inspirational journeys you will ever undertake; a barefoot walk over red-hot wood embers measuring around 800 degrees! Not only will you conquer the most primal of fears, but you’ll raise vital funds for our hospices too. With every single step, you’ll be making an incredible difference to our patients and their families.

No tricks, no special effects. Just you and the fire.

Icewalk Cooler customers can test their nerves by taking on our brand new Icewalk. Put mind over matter and achieve the impossible by walking barefoot across a bed of sterile broken glass.

No previous training required!

With interactive training seminars with renowned motivational speaker and fire and glass walking expert Cliff Mann before the daring dash, we know you’ll feel fantastic once you’ve completed the challenge. After all, if you can achieve this, you can find the confidence to do anything.

Spectators: Make it an extra special evening by gathering friends and family to support you. Spectators should arrive from 6.30pm for the Icewalk or 8.45pm to see the Firewalk.

Spaces for this extraordinary experience are limited at each venue, so please register your interest now to secure your place. You can register online or by calling the fundraising team on 01227 812609 and pressing 2 to speak to Robert.

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Early bird entry:

Firewalk £20, Icewalk £30 with a pledge to raise at least £100 in sponsorship. Or take on both walks for just £45 with a pledge to raise at least £150 in sponsorship. Early bird entry closes 04/02/2018)

Thereafter: Firewalk £23, Icewalk £35, or do both for £50.

Canterbury (2 March), Folkestone (3 March)

Ashford (9 March), Ramsgate (10 March)

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Fire & Ice Walk Canterbury (2 March)

Icewalk from 5.30pm, Firewalk from 6.45pm

Fire & Ice Walk Ashford (9 March)

Icewalk from 5.30pm, Firewalk from 6.45pm