Syringe Driver Training

Course description

This three-hour face-to-face workshop is designed to help registered nurses develop the essential knowledge and skills to competently set up and manage a subcutaneous syringe pump in end-of-life care.

The session combines both theory and practice, addressing the administration and monitoring of a subcutaneous infusion. It includes calculation of the rate setting for safe delivery of medication, and an overview of some of the drugs used in continuous subcutaneous infusions, along with drug combinations, and compatibility.

The training utilises a McKinley syringe pump or similar.


  • A pre-course drug calculation exam is to be completed in advance for discussion on the day.
  •  All delegates must be able to follow this session with repeated, supervised, safe practice in their working environment, as they will be required to demonstrate competence within their organisation before being able to practice independently.

Suitable for Registered Nurses

Cost: £30 per person

Date:  Dates to be announced.

Venue: Ann Robertson Centre, 55 London Road, Canterbury, CT2 8HQ

If you would like to book a place please call the team on 01227 812616 or email us at