<b>Dr Ruth Wilson</b> <br><h4>Trustee</h4></br>

Dr Ruth Wilson


Ruth qualified at Glasgow University and has been a GP in east Kent for many years. This included working in general practice in Herne Bay and in local hospitals running oncology and breast screening sessions. She has been a breast clinician in the National Breast Screening programme.

In her many years of experience supporting patients, Ruth has developed a deep knowledge of how it can affect people when they are coping with a chronic illness, and the impact on friends and family.

Ruth has an extensive knowledge, particularly of breast cancer, but also many years’ experience of other cancer types such as lymphoma and prostate.

In her spare time, Ruth is a volunteer guide at Canterbury Cathedral, a hobby she very much enjoys. She is also a member of Ramblers, the Canterbury Fine Arts Association and the Canterbury Historical and Archeological Society.