We need to raise £166,853 to buy new specialist beds, to continue delivering the best possible care and comfort to those we look after on our wards.

So far you have helped raise enough to buy
beds for our wards

Will you give our patients a good night's sleep? 

We strive to keep our patients as comfortable as possible for those precious days spent in our hospices and our beds are a huge part of caring for our patients. The journey started with just two beds at the Canterbury Hospice in 1982, and today we offer a bed to over 900 people across the three hospices each year.

Each of our wards have space for 12 beds. To make sure patients receive the best possible care, these beds need replacing about every 7 years.

Some of the beds we have are approaching 7 years old, and although they've done us proud, they won't last forever. Fixing them is becoming more and more expensive, and some are almost beyond repair so we'll have to stop using them. With your support our patients will sleep easier, and we can continue to care for them safely.

We need to raise £166,853 to buy 36 new beds. It sounds like a lot, but hospice beds are specialist bits of equipment, and are essential to the care we provide. Each bed costs £4,212, which includes a mattress that's worth £995. It's a huge amount of money, and we have already received an incredible response to this important appeal.


This simple recreation of home life is important and in doing so,

people often begin to feel more like their old selves.

- Jane, Senior Ward Sister

New beds will make a real difference, and these ones are particularly special as they are fully adjustable.

Bedside controls which patients, their families and our staff can use to help find a comfortable position.

  • The beds can be lowered down to the floor, reducing the risk of falls for patients, and allowing Pilgrims nurses to work safely.
  • When paired with specialist floor mats, these beds can be made into doubles, in order that precious nights can be spent close together with family members.
  • The side-rails can be lowered, or removed, to allow loved one to cuddle one another.

If just 100 people were to give £42 each, you would purchase a bed for one of the hospices. 


Thank you so much for your support

Every generous donation from our amazing community of supporters helps to make sure we can be there for the next family who needs us.

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