20th December 2023

    Hannah shines with sustainable creativity in Pilgrims Hospices Store 50 window displays

    Pilgrims Hospices is proud to spotlight the remarkable work of Hannah Golding, the window dressing specialist at Pilgrims Hospices Store 50 in Canterbury. Hannah’s innovative and sustainable approach to window displays has garnered attention and praise, making her an invaluable asset to the Pilgrims team.

    Innovation and Repurposing:

    Hannah Golding’s window displays are renowned for their creativity and innovation. When asked about her inspiration, she shared, “I always try to think about, moving forward, how I can use and reuse some of these pieces in the future, being totally sustainable.” A prime example is her Christmas display, which is a take on Widow Twanky from the Marlow Theatre Christmas Pantomime, featuring a repurposed pantomime dame costume made from repurposed or upcycled textiles, cardboard, and plastic bottles, showcasing her unique ability to turn pre-owned items into captivating works of art.


    I try to make the most of the space in our small window to create maximum impact on the high street, and the brilliant mannequins we have always help with the theatrics.

    Hannah    –     Pilgrims

    Sustainability Focus:

    Sustainability is at the heart of Hannah’s work. “The windows are so important to our shops. Sustainable Santa was such a success in the window last year; I thought we were on to something here,” she explains. By showcasing sustainable items, Hannah not only promotes responsible consumption but also helps build the brand of the store as a hub for eco-friendly and fashionable finds.

    Local Collaboration:

    Hannah’s collaboration with local organisations, like using the pantomime dame costume from a Marlow Theatre production, adds a fascinating touch to her displays. She emphasises the importance of community involvement, stating, “It was wonderful to be donated the costume by the Marlow Theatre; I hope we will be able to work with them on future projects.”

    Challenges and Solutions:

    Working with pre-owned items presents challenges, but Hannah navigates them adeptly. She elaborates on the process of creating displays: “I try to make the most of the space in our small window to create maximum impact on the high street, and the brilliant mannequins we have always help with the theatrics.” Her dedication to maintaining quality and visual appeal is evident in every display.

    Community Engagement:

    Hannah ensures her displays resonate with the local community. “We really want our windows to be part of the community,” she says. By gauging and incorporating community preferences, especially during festive seasons like Christmas, Hannah makes the store a vibrant and welcoming space.

    Long-Term Impact:

    Beyond aesthetic appeal, Hannah believes her work has a broader impact on raising awareness about sustainable practices and responsible consumption. “Our displays truly strike a chord with our customers, and we are enthusiastic about our ongoing integration into the wider community,” she adds.

    Hannah Golding, 43, born in Canterbury and currently residing in Whitstable, has been working with Pilgrims Hospices for a year. Apart from her window dressing role, Hannah is also involved in jewellery making under the guise of ‘little shop of hnh’, and is part of the makers shop Walrus & Oyster in Burgate, Canterbury, showcasing her multifaceted talents. @littleshopofhnh – littleshopofhnh.etsy.com

    Store50 has recently been awarded the Canterbury BID, Christmas Window Competition 2023, Platinum Award!

    Store 50, 50 St Peters Street, Canterbury CT1 2BE, 01227 949609

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    Pilgrims Hospices is a charitable organisation dedicated to providing compassionate care and support for individuals facing life-limiting illnesses. With a focus on quality of life and well-being, Pilgrims Hospices serves the community by offering a range of services and support for patients and their families.

    29th September 2023

    Gift Aid Day – #tickthebox

    Gift Aid Awareness Day takes place on October 5th, 2023, and is an excellent opportunity for Pilgrims Hospices and its dedicated team of staff, and volunteers to engage with supporters and emphasise the importance of Gift Aid in boosting charitable donations.

    Gift Aid is a tax relief system that allows registered charities, like Pilgrims Hospices to claim an additional 25% on eligible donations, and it comes at no extra cost to the individual donors.

    Tim Stewart, Pilgrims Hospices Head of Retail said: “We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our supporters for their commitment to Pilgrims Hospices.  Donations to our shops and warehouses are invaluable in supporting the essential work we do. Our charity claimed over £200k last year, and would love to claim more!

    “By choosing to Gift Aid your donations, you are allowing our charity to reclaim tax on your contributions from the government. This means that for the donated items sold in our shops; every £1 raised, Pilgrims Hospices can receive an additional 25p, making your contributions go much further.”

    Every additional 25p is making an impact, enabling Pilgrims to provide more care, support for more patients, or more investment in essential facilities and equipment.

    No Extra Cost:

    We can’t emphasise enough, that Gift Aid doesn’t cost supporters anything extra. It’s simply a way to maximise the value of their donations. Their generosity can go even further without any additional financial burden.

    The challenges that charities like Pilgrims Hospices face, are considerable in today’s environment, including increased demand for services and rising costs. Every Gift Aid donation makes a significant difference in meeting these challenges. That’s why your Gift Aid is more critical than ever.

    How to #tickthebox: It’s a simple process and only needs to be completed once; our friendly staff and volunteers can assist with completing the form in store.  If you would like to get in touch with a member of the Pilgrims team regarding Gift Aid, please email giftaid@pilgrimshospices.org.

    We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our supporters for their commitment to Pilgrims Hospices

    Tim     –     Pilgrims

    At Pilgrims Hospices we have a simple vision of a community where people with a life limiting illness, and their family and friends are supported, and empowered to live well in mind and body until the very last moment of their life.

    Your Gift Aid can play a pivotal role in achieving it. We hope our dedicated friends and supporters will continue to care for our charity and be an integral part of making a meaningful impact on the lives of those we care for.

    Pilgrims Hospices has 31 shops throughout east Kent, ranging from furniture warehouses, vintage clothing, specialist book shops, thrifty discount stores, and our general stores featuring contents to suit everyone. You can find information on our website pilgrimshospices.org/get-involved-shop-with-us.

    Each year Pilgrims’ gives care to thousands of people across east Kent. Care is provided from three hospice sites in Ashford, Canterbury and Thanet as well as in patients’ own homes.  To offer these services to patients and their families the charity must raise approximately £11 million each year from the generous local community.





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