20th December 2023

    Team Chocolate Orange to sweeten the spirits at Pilgrims Hospices

    In a heart-warming gesture of appreciation for the dedicated staff and nurses at Pilgrims Hospices, Team Chocolate Orange delivered 300 delectable Chocolate Oranges on Friday, 15th December. This initiative is a heartfelt thank-you for their unwavering commitment to providing end-of-life care for the local people of east Kent.

    Allan Pippard, along with his wife Joanne, representing the Faversham Town Walking Football group, spearheaded the delivery. The group has passionately collected the Chocolate Oranges as a token of gratitude for the compassionate care extended by the Pilgrims Hospices team.  Jo’s mother, Diane Mewett was cared for at the Canterbury hospice in early 2017, and they have since been advocates of the hospice and the care provided.

    The roots of this chocolaty initiative trace back to Chris Lamb, whose son Elliot received care at Alder Hey Hospital and sadly passed away in 2010. Fuelled by a desire to transform grief into positive change, Chris initiated the Chocolate Orange Challenge. This annual tradition not only commemorates Elliot’s memory but also stands as a symbol of appreciation for the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals.

    Kevin Mullins, a member of Team Chocolate Orange said: “I’m delighted to hear that Faversham Town Walking Football has successfully reached the target of 300 Chocolate Oranges to thank our incredible staff under the banner of Team Chocolate Orange.  This is a huge feat, as last year 300 Chocolate Oranges would have cost donors £300, but due to the price increase this year, the cost was £450.  It’s an incredible show of gratitude from a small cohort of people and a true reflection of the character of the group.  Praise is due to Allan for organising the collection and agreeing to make the delivery on behalf of Faversham Town Walking Football.  I’m sure for both Allan and Joanne, it was a special moment.”

    Kevin added, “I would also like to mention Pete Kenehan, who made an incredibly generous individual donation to our overall team Chocolate Orange collection following the passing of his wife, Sue Kenehan, at Pilgrims Hospices.”

    Allan Pippard, coordinator of the Chocolate Orange collection, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming delivery, saying, “It’s a privilege to be part of this initiative that spreads joy and gratitude. The Pilgrims Hospices team does exceptional work, and this is our way of saying thank you for their dedication to our community.”

    The delivery will definitely bring a touch of sweetness to the hardworking staff and nurses at Pilgrims Hospices. The Faversham Town Walking Football group looks forward to continuing this tradition of giving back and making a positive impact in the local community.

    Leila Ilkhan, Pilgrims Hospices Corporate and Trusts Partnerships Manager, said: “We really appreciate the chocolaty treats and wish to thank everyone involved for thinking of the Pilgrims team as we approach the festive season.  We will be sharing the treats across all three of the Pilgrims Hospice sites in Canterbury, Ashford, and Thanet.”

    About Team Chocolate Orange

    Team Chocolate Orange is a community initiative that aims to express gratitude to healthcare professionals through the annual Chocolate Orange Challenge. Inspired by the memory of Elliot Lamb, the initiative seeks to turn grief into positive change by delivering sweet treats to those who provide end-of-life care.

    Pilgrims Hospices

    Pilgrims Hospices is a leading provider of hospice care in east Kent. Committed to delivering compassionate and personalised end-of-life care, the hospice charity plays a crucial role in supporting individuals and their families during challenging times.

    About Faversham Town Walking Football

    Faversham Town Walking Football is a local sports group dedicated to promoting health and well-being through the joy of walking football. Engaging in community initiatives like the Chocolate Orange Challenge, the group aims to make a positive impact beyond the sports field.


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