2nd September 2020

    Welcome to Pilgrims Matters virtual edition for Autumn 2020

    Looking to the future

    Welcome to this, the first virtual edition of Pilgrims Matters! As Christmas approaches, we take time to focus on the positives and share the many ways our community comes together in support of others.

    In this edition you will see:

    • How Pilgrims’ own research nurse is helping lead the fight against Coronavirus;
    • the many ways that you have helped change the face of fundraising;
    • the steps we have taken at Pilgrims to ensure our patients are still receiving our expert care and support;
    • and a look at the success of the UK’s first hospice remembrance film and our next annual remembrance, Trees of Love.

    Pilgrims Matters Autumn 2020

    This has been a year of firsts for many of us, giving us new perspectives and ideas. COVID-19 has dominated our conversations, our thoughts, and has had a huge impact on how we go about our everyday business. We hope this first online Pilgrims Matters provides some inspiration for other ways you can get involved, and tells you a little more about how your incredible support has enabled Pilgrims to be Still here, Still caring.

    Please keep safe and well.

    Best wishes from
    The Pilgrims Hospices Team


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