17th April 2024

    Celebrating resilience and generosity: Marcello’s Hair Salon reopens with a heart-warming gesture

    After a challenging year marked by adversity and resilience, Marcello Marino, the beloved owner of Marcello’s Hair Salon in Ramsgate, is preparing to welcome back his loyal clientele with open arms.

    Marcello’s Salon, nestled on West Cliff Road for over three decades, faced a daunting setback when a collapsed sewer pipe disrupted operations and displaced Marcello and his family from their home.

    The saga began in September 2022 when a sewage leak wreaked havoc on Marcello’s business premises, prompting an unexpected closure. The subsequent evacuation of Marcello, his wife, and three children underscored the severity of the situation. Despite enduring such hardships, Marcello remained steadfast in his determination to overcome the ordeal.

    Throughout this tumultuous period, the outpouring of support from the local community served as a beacon of hope for Marcello and his family. From generous donations to acts of kindness from friends and neighbouring businesses, the solidarity displayed by the people of Ramsgate left an indelible mark on Marcello’s heart.

    Now, as Marcello prepares to reopen his salon on May 1, he is seizing the opportunity to express his gratitude in a meaningful way. On April 29, from 5pm onwards, Marcello will host a special event to honour those who stood by him during his time of need. This event will not only serve as a celebration of resilience but also as a fundraiser for Pilgrims Hospices, a charity close to Marcello’s heart.

    What a lovely gesture this really is after so much disruption to Marcello’s business. I would like to send our thanks to everyone who is helping with this donation over the coming weeks.

    Karen Kenward, Community Fundraising Manager

    In a heart-warming gesture, Marcello has pledged to donate 10% of his salon’s takings during the first two weeks of reopening to support the invaluable work of Pilgrims Hospices. Recognising the pivotal role that this charity plays in the local community, Marcello is eager to contribute to their work in end-of-life care and give back to those in need.

    The generosity doesn’t end there. Local establishments, including Seabird bar, the Falstaff, and Margo in Margate, have rallied behind Marcello’s initiative by providing sponsorship and donations for the reopening event. Through their collective efforts, they aim to make a meaningful impact and spread joy to those who need it most.

    Karen Kenward, Community Fundraising Manager said: “What a lovely gesture this really is after so much disruption to Marcello’s business. I would like to send our thanks to everyone who is helping with this donation over the coming weeks. I wish Marcello every success with his opening day and thank him once again.”

    As Marcello’s salon prepares to welcome back familiar faces and new clients alike, the spirit of resilience and generosity shines brightly. Together, they are not only reopening a business but also reaffirming the unwavering strength of the community in the face of adversity.

    For appointments and inquiries, please contact Marcello’s Hair Salon at 01843 592 027. Visit Marcello’s at 15a West Cliff Road, Ramsgate, and join in the celebration of resilience, generosity, and community spirit.

    If you would like to support Pilgrims Hospices, please contact our fundraising team email fundraising@pilgrimshospices.org.  Our local end-of-life charity needs to raise an incredible £11 million each year, in order to provide important care from the three local hospices and within the community. This would not be possible without your generous support. Thank you.

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