18th July 2024

    Get ready to glow at Thanet’s 8th annual 5k Colour Run!

    Prepare for a burst of colour and excitement on Sunday October 6, as Pilgrims Hospices hosts the Thanet 5k Colour Run at Palm Bay Green, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 3NR.

    This family-friendly 5k event promises to be an explosion of vibrant fun, where participants of all ages can enjoy an invigorating run or walk while being showered with brightly coloured powder.

    Set against the stunning backdrop of Thanet’s spectacular seafront, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

    Since its inception, the Thanet 5k Colour Run has united friends, families, and the community in a joyous celebration of life, colour, and giving. Now in its 8th successful year, the event has welcomed over 3,000 participants and raised more than £225,000 for Pilgrims Hospices’ end-of-life care. Every step taken and every splash of colour helps support people in east Kent facing life-limiting illnesses.

    The Thanet 5k Colour Run is not just a run; it’s a vibrant festival of fun and camaraderie. Picture this: Hundreds of participants all dressed in their white t-shirts, ready to be transformed into a moving rainbow as they navigate the picturesque coastal route. As you make your way through the 5k, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking coastal views and enveloped in clouds of coloured powder, creating unforgettable memories and picture-perfect moments.

    “We’re back to sustainably brighten the coast!” says Pilgrims Hospices. “The Thanet 5k Colour Run is a fantastic way to enjoy a day out with loved ones while supporting a meaningful cause. The funds raised play a crucial role in allowing us to continue providing compassionate care to those who need it most.”

    Whether you prefer to run, jog, or walk, the Thanet 5k Colour Run welcomes participants of all fitness levels. It’s a day of high-energy entertainment, laughter, and plenty of colour, making it the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Feel the electric atmosphere as you join hundreds of others, all united by the common goal of supporting Pilgrims Hospices.

    Karen Kenward, Pilgrims Hospices’ Community Fundraising Manager and event organiser, said: “I’m so proud of the supporters who have made this event such an amazing success over the past eight years. We have collectively travelled over 8,700 miles together. It’s a staggering achievement, and the money raised is making an incredible difference to the lives of those who need Pilgrims care right now, and to those who will need our support in the future as well.”

    Getting involved is easy!

    Gather your friends and family, and register now to be part of this incredible event. To find out more about the Thanet 5k Colour Run, visit pilgrimshospices.org/colourrun. On the day, you will be presented with a brilliant white t-shirt, a coloured powder sachet, and fun protective specs – then let the fun begin!

    New for this year’s event, participants will receive an environmentally friendly wristband containing wildflower seeds. Take it home, plant it in your garden, and wait for another splash of colour that will remind you of the super fun day that you had supporting Pilgrims Hospices. And don’t forget your fabulous finishing medal to celebrate your wonderful achievement!

    Don’t miss out on this spectacular event that blends fitness, fun, and philanthropy in a truly unique way. Let’s come together to celebrate, run, and support a worthy cause.

    See you at Palm Bay Green on October 6 — ready, set, colour!

    For more information, please contact Karen Kenward, Pilgrims Hospices Community Fundraising Manager:

    Karen will be delighted to hear from you!

    Pilgrims Hospices is dedicated to providing high-quality care and support to people with life-limiting illnesses across east Kent. Our compassionate team works tirelessly to ensure patients and their families receive the best possible care, both in our hospices and within the community.

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